//The Responsive Faith

The Responsive Faith

Faith is one of the most important substances of our lives as believers. However, when we’re asked about how our faith applies to our daily lives, most of us will come up with “great”, spectacular examples, such as how faith has helped them to conquer problems or how faith has made miracles happened in our lives, etc. But do those stories actually serve as true examples of faith? As we grow more mature in our faith, we will eventually find out that little do those examples show relevance on how faith actually applies in our daily lives.

A few days ago, during a cell group meeting, we had a discussion about how faith works. One of our cell group members made quite a controversial statement, “Faith does not correlate with results. Because if faith correlates with results, then as soon as the results were not as expected we will play the blame game.” How true! If the heroes of faith written in the Bible correlated faith with results, then we would not be here by now. For example, if Abraham focused his faith merely on God’s prophecy of his descendants being as many as the stars in the sky and the sands in the beach, then he would be a person who focused his life to making children everywhere!

But he’s not! Abraham understood the very application of faith, which is response. Faith correlates with our responses toward circumstances. Abraham was named “Father of The Faithful” simply because he understood how to respond correctly to God’s calling. And so did all the heroes of faith mentioned in the Bible. The book of Hebrews, chapter 11, clearly stated how they by faith took the right responses, pleasing God at the end. As believers, now it is our turn to take their examples and apply faith as our responses towards different circumstances daily.

Taking the word “faith” as an acronym,  we can consider this phrase: “Fully Active in Trusting and Hoping”. It means that faith is not merely about putting our trust and hope in the Lord, but also taking actions accordingly. By faith, Abraham took the action of obedience as soon as God commanded him to separate from Terah or to put Isaac as an offering. And by faith, Shadrach-Meshach-Abednego entered the furnace of fire without a shred of fear in them. They put actions in their trusts to the Lord.

Have we exercised our faith in our daily actions today? Have we “included” faith in whatever we do today? Whatever it is, let our faith be a responsive one!